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School-Parent Compact

Home-School Agreement

The following Home-School Agreement is sent home for parent and student review and signatures at the beginning of the year. 

 As a school, staff at Purple Sage Elementary will --

  • provide timely information about our Title 1 program to parents,describe the curricula, the student assessments and proficiency levels students are expected to meet, provide opportunities for regular meetings, respond promptly to parent suggestions.
  • participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning and support the formation of partnerships with families and the community..
  • endeavor to make school an accessible and welcoming place for students and their families.
  • provide a positive environment in which all students are capable of success... no exceptions!
  • model appropriate dress, language, and behavior.

As a student, I will --

  • attend school regularly and be on time.
  • complete and return homework assignments.
  • work to the best of my ability.
  • demonstrate a positive attitude toward opportunities and experiences provided by the school and teachers.
  • help create a positive environment by practicing respect, accepting responsibility, working together, and following the rules for safety.

As a parent/guardian, I will --

  • ensure my child's regular attendance and prompt arrival.
  • check my child's backpack and folders for important information.
  • establish a time for homework and review it regularly.
  • follow and support school policies, including dress code and behavior guidelines.
  • communicate regularly with my child and with the school.
  • respect the school staff, students, and other families.

On-going opportunities for meaningful communications are provided through --

  • e-mail
  • phone calls
  • conferences and meetings
  • Website:
  • Skyward
  • Weekly Folders